About us

Founded in Belgrade by experienced professionals
working together for over twenty years,
Supra Architecture has gradually been building
up to a multidisciplinary practice that it is today.

Our team’s diverse experience ranges from designing, academic work and design competitions, to site supervision and project management – ensuring comprehensive understanding of development process. We operate in the fields of architecture, built environment, consulting and management.

Supra Architecture’s portfolio spans across various typologies, with strong focus on residential, hospitality, leisure, retail and marine sectors. We operate in Serbia, the Adriatic region and since 2020. in the United Kingdom. 

At Supra Architecture we believe in custom approach to each new design venture. We believe in a holistic approach to the design process – from the first idea following throughout the whole development process.

Supra Architecture Supra Architecture

Core team

Mina Obradović
Partner, CEO
Ivan Obradović
Veljko Bunčić
Partner, United Kingdom
Slađana Nikolić
Senior Architect & Project Manager
Marija Obradović
Project & Site Architect
Nadica Perović
Branislava Radosavljević
Senior Architect / External Consultant
Milorad Obradović
Urban Planning / External Consultant